Try these five things to get back on track!

There’s nothing more frustrating to me then to plan my day or week in advance and by Sunday I’m looking at a calendar with unchecked, unresolved, incomplete tasks. The reality however is that we can plan for events and check points but we can never plan for life, emotions and outside influences.

It is in those moments that we have to learn how to regain control of what we are focusing on. Our focus begins at our mindset not the circumstances. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar and you’re looking at how quickly your days are getting closer to your deadline and those “to do” lists aren’t getting check marks, what do you do?

1. The first option is to look at your remaining time and determine what two or three items of your five can be tackled for completion quicker. This is crucial to enable you to pull out a “win” despite the setbacks.

2. Of those two or three items which can you complete while simultaneously doing something else? For example when I go to the gym, I can use free weights, machines or cardio equipment. While I’m riding a recumbent bike, I can write a blog, which is how this one was written, listen to a podcast or record my latest YouTube informational video! Be strategic and creative.

3. Readjust the things that don’t need you to ensure that the top three have your undivided attention for the limited remaining time. Let the family create a simpler meal like homemade pizza with a side salad, or pull out that crock-pot and let technology do the work, and if all else fails order in! It may cost a little more for the convenience but the time you save and the increase in income by finishing your task is important.

4. Rise an hour earlier or work an hour later. That extra hour of sleep will not prevent you from being productive, failing to finish your task will. You may have to adjust your sleep from 6 hours to 4 with increased exercise and less sugar in your diet for a few days but I’m pretty certain it shouldn’t kill you.

5. Finally imagine how you will feel when the tasks are completed and you’ve accomplished your goal. Focus with the end in mind and when you think about anything, align those thoughts with the outcome you desire. We really do create what we focus on stay in the zone of what you want.

Life will happen, we will wake up and not feel our best, family responsibilities will call at us, someone will fail to complete their tasks which will delay ours.  No matter the issue whatever you do, don’t stop, don’t give up, get back in it to win it!

Phiippians 4:8 NIV

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anyhing is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”


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