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We believe there are 7 major principles, when developed through awareness and wisdom, a woman can enhance her life and lifestyle without compromising her beliefs.  Those principles directly impact the infrastructure of her Person, Profession, Spirit, Education, Finance, Family and Leisure. 

A woman should be conscious of her natural willingness and ability to be the “end all” for those that she respects, loves and cares about.  If she is not careful she will spend a lifetime meeting the needs of others while she neglects the needs of herself.  Ultimately she is at her best when her own cup is full rather than empty.

Live Ur Journey was created with the over zealous, yet impartially fulfilled woman in mind.  She is a mother, daughter, spouse, sister, friend and co-worker and she loves to ensure that those in her space have access to any gift, talent or skill set that she has to offer.   Most often she has a dream, hope and passion of her own that has no association with that of the ones she nurtures and supports so she struggles with finding the balance that allows her the freedom to plunge into the deep and swim in the ocean of her own success.  Does she sound familiar?

Maybe you can relate to this woman who desires to write a book, start a business, gain clarity in her spiritual walk, seeks to pursue additional credentials for her career or change careers all together, desires to create financial wealth for her family legacy, believes she can be a more well-balanced parent or wants to learn how to relax and enjoy life without feeling guilty. Or maybe she simply needs to surround herself with women who have create positive energy, influence her inner circle and encourage other women with her experiences.

Whatever HER need is, we are here to help her LIVE a life MORE Abundantly!


What are you saying to that woman whom you see in the mirror? Your words to yourself are more powerful than anything others can say to you.  Be mindful of which voices you listen too!



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20180320_210925Are you uncertain in your ability to BECOME? Allow me to reassure you that if you align your GIFTS + your Purpose = your Destiny!  We are all a work in progress and that is really ok but let’s not stop with only “potential”, why not walk in our Purpose and leave our greatest impressions as footprints in the cement rather than the sand.



Follow my journey as I fulfill a purpose impregnated in me over 10 years ago.  






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