More About Me


My name is De’Andrea Jackson and I am the Co-Founder of STYLE Inc and the creator of Live Ur Journey.  I’ve spent the past 30 years in the arenas of Network Marketing, Education and Corporate Training for various industries before making the decision to take all that experience and create a platform in which to cultivate others.  As a single parent of 4, I know first had what it means to work a full-time job, raise a family, support a church and civic community while attempting to run, manage and build a business.  I have had the honor and privilege to work with and gain mentorship from some of the most successful people in the business world.  All of whom taught me something valuable about best practices and most importantly about myself.

I’ve grown more passionate about serving others through consultation of self-development and entrepreneurship.  As an author, trainer, coach and speaker, I love to teach people foundational aspects of developing their potential for business and success through the leverage I’ve gained from my own failures which propelled my future and purpose.

It’s difficult to be at your BEST when you have no certainty of your purpose. Live Ur Journey will help you discover the areas in your life that resist the out pouring of your purpose and reignite it with your gifts. Together, gifts + purpose = Destiny.  Are you ready to LIVE UR JOURNEY?  I pray that you are because I’m ready to encounter that journey beside you.


How Can I Serve You?

  • Personal Strategist Coaching
  • Business Consultation
  • College to Professional Transition Coaching
  • Motivational Empowerment
  • Single Mom Success Coaching
  • The Art of Visualization

Do you need pricing and scheduling info?  Contact Me and let me know how I may serve you!



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