Cherish – Now We No

Source: Cherish - Now We No I'm requesting that you view this information that has moved my heart (it's 5:07min). We have potentially lost some of our women unnecessarily because this information was unknown. We can save the next generation of females by giving them knowledge and choices.  If you desire more information you can … Continue reading Cherish – Now We No

Guarding the Heart!

One of my greatest fears following my 17 year marriage was that I didn't become bitter! I knew I had been wronged, mishandled, lied too and cheated on but I was determined not to become a bitter divorced woman.  It took quite some time before I would open up and allow myself to be courted … Continue reading Guarding the Heart!

Where is the Black Man’s Support System?

I've discovered that when I work out alone I do better to listen to something inspirational, educational or motivational rather than simply music.  It  seems to keep my focus on the content rather than the workout which makes it go by much faster.  Today was no different but when I attempted to listen to one … Continue reading Where is the Black Man’s Support System?

The PINNACLE Only Comes with the CLIMB!

  Today I had the honor and privilege to do a mountain hike of Crowder's Mountain NC with my seventeen year old daughter, my girlfriend for her 45th birthday and 3 additional ladies that I met for the first time this morning.  It had been 22 years since the last time I hiked and I … Continue reading The PINNACLE Only Comes with the CLIMB!

Whose Winning at Weight Loss?

At 46 years of age I've been told by doctors that I'm "obese" and need to loose 40 pounds.  My 5'4 stature doesn't appear to be at a whopping 225 but they tell me the scales don't lie.  Quite frankly I know for a fact that my shoes alone weigh 7 pounds and God forbid … Continue reading Whose Winning at Weight Loss?

Imagine If I Never Hit PLAY!

At first when my girlfriend called me and said she wanted me to watch something "RIGHT NOW", I thought "I really don't feel like doing this now", but I'm always going to avail myself to information so she sent me the link and I curled up on my couch, phone in hand and hit play. … Continue reading Imagine If I Never Hit PLAY!

Recognize the Mask!

If there is one thing that I have realized over time is that EVERYTHING that I experience which I may perceive as negative, is ultimately not for my good, but for the one who will enter the same experience after me. What do I mean? When I lost my home, job, marriage, fought illnesses, struggled … Continue reading Recognize the Mask!

What Kind of Man are Women 30 and Over Looking for in 2017?

I can only associate my perspective of what women are looking for in a great man from my own experiences and discussion with other single women.  Most of us have some of the same concerns and parallels regardless of whether we have been married or desire too.   It's always interesting for me to hear … Continue reading What Kind of Man are Women 30 and Over Looking for in 2017?

What Would Happen If Every WOMAN KNEW????

This topic is very dear to females across the globe.  It isn't something we like to talk about but God created us to reproduce and expand the Earth and this very tiny aspect of the process became our fate.  Until I was introduced to this video, like so many other women I made decisions based … Continue reading What Would Happen If Every WOMAN KNEW????

Is Your Support As Big As Your Circle?

  This quote speaks volumes to me especially in this season of my life.  As the diagram to the right illustrates there are various levels to your circle of friends.  Friendships are something that I hold near and dear.  I know a lot of people but there are very FEW that I would call a … Continue reading Is Your Support As Big As Your Circle?