Female Entrepreneurship

Business Ownership is the most rewarding professional aspect of any woman’s life.  We are the best managers, administrators, teachers, students, presenters and we are packed with passion for the things we love.  I have owned and operated Home Based Businesses since the age of 18.  My children have helped me with packaging, marketing, presentations and of course cashing my checks! It inspired them to develop their own additional businesses even though they work or go to school full-time. If you’ve never considered Owning a Business as something that you could do then I’m here to show you that the world is your oyster.

biz plus success

Why I belive Home Based Businesses create the best value

1. It doesn’t prevent you from being a full-time Wife and/or Mom

2. You can develop your own schedule

3. You can plot your own financial growth

4. You have a turn-key system in which the corporate headquarters has already developed a system you can follow (if you desire to partner with an existing company)


5. You can begin with a minimal investment

6. Provides great tax advantages

7. You can reduce the amount of money spent in parking/lunch/wardrobes etc. of a traditional job

8. You can continue to grow in professional development at your own pace

9. You don’t have to sacrifice your dreams for income, but rather do both

10. It’s a great example for your children that a woman can have her own business and take care of her family simultaneously.

woman owned


There are typically 2 main methods of creating business ownership; the first is the traditional method in which YOU are the CEO/Founder and the second is that you partner with another company via a licensing fee to build a business under their umbrella (MLM, Network Marketing, Franchises etc.).  I have done both and would encourage either based on your product/service, capital, target market and financial goals. Home Based businesses will always require less overhead than traditional brick and mortar establishments.


I’ve often been asked how I would qualify a company’s potential for providing the maximum financial success.  Here are my 5 qualifiers before I choose to partner with anyone.

1- Do they have a PRODUCT that meets a consumer need?

2- Do they have the PEOPLE in place to make the business function?

3- Do they have the LOGISTICS in order to meet all legal parameters?

4- Do they have a legitimate MERCHANT who can handle customer service, credit card purchases, returns etc.?

5- Do they have the IT INFRASTRUCTURE to support their websites, videos, marketing etc.?


So now that you have the basic understanding of the Value of a Home Based Business, why it is GREAT for Women (especially busy ones) and how to choose a partnering Company with a good foundation – WHAT IS HOLDING BACK? Feel free to contact me if you would like more support before making final decisions in beginning the Home Based Business process.

Watch this slide show of some of the most successful women in business.

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