10 Things to Maintain Your Sanity After Losing a Job!

If there is one thing, I know plenty about, it’s the aftermath of losing a job. It doesn’t matter whether you were fired, laid off or just go so fed up with the environment that you quit. The result is still the same in the mindset of most, failure. Sometimes failure is not what has resulted but rather an opportunity. It all depends on what your thoughts are around the circumstances. I’ve been laid off three times and fired once. Everyone won’t respond the same way, but I recall feelings of hurt, disappointment, frustration, humiliation,
distrust, anger, sadness, joy, hope and even excitement.
The key is to never allow the temporary circumstance to replace your view of yourself. Losing a job is a condition in a set moment in time. It is not a definition of who you are or what you are capable of doing. It has no bearing on your intellect, skill set or talent. Companies downsize frequently and sometimes it’s simply a financial decision.  I want to share with you the first 10 things you can do for your sanity if it ever happens to you.
1 – Express how you feel– If that means crying then grab a box of tissue and go for it. If talking is your outlet than find someone who has no emotional investment in you and can listen objectively.  Don’t stay in this space for too long. A day or two at most to be in a sorrowful place is more than enough.
2 – Get Your Mind Right– If you don’t already practice using affirmations, now is a great time to learn. Write down at least five things that are a positive reflection of who you are or what you’re able to do. Repeat those several times a day, aloud so that you can hear them, preferably in front of a mirror.  Every emotion is generated by your thoughts. You must change what you think about yourself as well as what you say to yourself.
3. Practice Meditation or Prayer-  Meditation is simply the art of freeing your mind of thoughts, becoming quiet and in tune with your inner being. Prayer is a conversation with your higher source for many people that reference is God. I practice both as they are completely separate means of renewal and refreshing.
4. Get Up Early– The fact that you don’t have a traditional “job” to go to is even more reason why you should get in the habit of maintaining a good “early to rise” schedule. Most people would revert to do just the opposite and catching longer “zzzzz” but that is the worst thing you can do. The brain is the sharpest early in the morning. This is when your juices are most creative. If you’re a parent, it may be the only time you have complete quiet and can do things without interruption. 
5. READ– My recommendation is that you choose something that will heighten your vision. If you need to learn a new skill, sharpen one or gain insight on other options, reading is the cheapest way to educate yourself. Dust off that library card, and you can download the app “Hoopla” to gain access to e-books without getting into your car and physically going to the library. There are plenty of free reads on Kindle and even some books are available as free downloads within the links of
YouTube and Instagram promotions.
6. Write a Vision Board– Grab some old magazines with pictures that reflect where you want to be “Next”. Don’t limit this board to finding another “job” unless working for someone is your ultimate goal. If not, use this board to visualize what you want for your life now that you are in a position to do something different. Cut out words, pictures, phrases, and numbers that tell what you want out of life. 
7. Create or Clear a Work Space– There should be a central space in your home in which you can “work.” Yes, I said work.  Creating a work from home business is very cost effective. If you only need a desk space that’s as easy as a section of your kitchen table or clear out a coat closet and set up a desk “office station” behind closed doors. Don’t limit yourself to a traditional office. It’s whatever works to get the job done.  Make that space available to you, clean and ready for your brain to function.  Don’t forget to hang up your vision board so that you can see it daily. 
8. Get Your Hustle On– If you’ve never considered how you can make money from home, now is a great time to evaluate the options. Consider what is available in your city, investment potential, uniqueness and ultimately what you can enjoy.  Visit the pennyhorder.com website for a great resource on side hustles which can make you enough money to replace the traditional job. 
9. Put Yourself Back in the Game– If you really desire to get another job then freshen your resume, update your profile on all job search platforms and network when you are out. The internet is full of sites that connect to people in your area who are looking for like-minded individuals or interest.  Relationships will always take you further than a resume.  If you qualify for unemployment, register within the first week and follow the rules to maintain this supplemental income. 
10. Get Moving– Join the gym, sign up for a dance class, play a sport with your kids, take walks in your local park, go swimming, hike once or twice a week. Just make sure your hips are not sitting on the couch with a remote in hand or lying in bed with the covers over your face.  Moving will help you feel better and improve your health. 
“My” list is much larger than 10 but for the sake of time, these steps will get you refocused and rejuvenated to determine your best next decision.  For additional recommendations, visit my website; www.liveurjourney.com


Isaiah 43:18-19 “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

2 thoughts on “10 Things to Maintain Your Sanity After Losing a Job!

  1. I whole heartedly agree with this! It’s been about two months for me and I’m in agreeance with everything you’ve listed.


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