Mess or Master Piece?

When your twelve-year-old asks to bake cookies and you already have your hands full with packing up leftovers and washing dishes after your dinner guests have left, you may opt to respond as I did by simply stating "You are old enough to read the directions and follow instructions.  The butter is already soft and … Continue reading Mess or Master Piece?

She Never Suspected This From Her New Boyfriend!

Many people may suggest that the current age of social media is a prime opportunity to pursue a new relationship or meet someone who they would otherwise never run into in person.  I agree that it opens doors to expand ones' horizons on the dating scene but it can also be very misleading, deceptive and … Continue reading She Never Suspected This From Her New Boyfriend!

Throwback to Yester Year!

Depending on your age and the area of the country in which you were raised, your memories of "throw backs" from child could vary vastly from the illustration assigned to this post.  Tonight I took my 12-year-old and his friends roller skating for this birthday.  It's difficult to find roller rinks in 2018 and if … Continue reading Throwback to Yester Year!

Become a Gold Kinabalu Orchid!

Rothschild's Slipper Orchid is the most expensive orchid in the world.  Nicknamed "Gold of Kinabalu Orchid", it grows on the slope of Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia and is an endangered species.  It is illegal to pick the Orchid even though there may be a few still accessible at the Kinabalu National Park so if you … Continue reading Become a Gold Kinabalu Orchid!

Guarding the Heart!

One of my greatest fears following my 17 year marriage was that I didn't become bitter! I knew I had been wronged, mishandled, lied too and cheated on but I was determined not to become a bitter divorced woman.  It took quite some time before I would open up and allow myself to be courted … Continue reading Guarding the Heart!

The PINNACLE Only Comes with the CLIMB!

  Today I had the honor and privilege to do a mountain hike of Crowder's Mountain NC with my seventeen year old daughter, my girlfriend for her 45th birthday and 3 additional ladies that I met for the first time this morning.  It had been 22 years since the last time I hiked and I … Continue reading The PINNACLE Only Comes with the CLIMB!

Whose Winning at Weight Loss?

At 46 years of age I've been told by doctors that I'm "obese" and need to loose 40 pounds.  My 5'4 stature doesn't appear to be at a whopping 225 but they tell me the scales don't lie.  Quite frankly I know for a fact that my shoes alone weigh 7 pounds and God forbid … Continue reading Whose Winning at Weight Loss?

What Kind of Man are Women 30 and Over Looking for in 2017?

I can only associate my perspective of what women are looking for in a great man from my own experiences and discussion with other single women.  Most of us have some of the same concerns and parallels regardless of whether we have been married or desire too.   It's always interesting for me to hear … Continue reading What Kind of Man are Women 30 and Over Looking for in 2017?

Chasing the Ice Cream Truck is Better than Watching it Go By

I was on my way to my car as my daughter was closing the door to the house and I noticed that she suddenly stood still, a smirk grew slowly on her face and her lips moved but I was too far away to discern what she said.  Just as she formulated the last word … Continue reading Chasing the Ice Cream Truck is Better than Watching it Go By

The Event We Once Called “DATING”

As a middle-aged woman I find the single "again" lifestyle rather taunting and even difficult at times.  I got married 20 years ago the same year I graduated college.  My perception at that time was that this was a lifetime commitment and I would spend the rest of my days with this one man until … Continue reading The Event We Once Called “DATING”