Pregnant for Ten Years

If you’ve ever been pregnant than you know what it’s like to have a projected due date and what the anticipation is like for your newest arrival. Maybe family and friends have celebrated your unborn with surprise baby showers, gender reveal parties, or intimate family moments with just dad and the grandparents. You’ve decorated the nursery, stocked up on your favorite brand of diapers, registered for every free baby item mailed to mothers-to-be everywhere. You’re hands and feet are likely swollen and you may even have the masked face of a less than recognizable beauty that you reflected on your last birthday. Without question you’ve already begun to dread what your body will really look like once you’ve been through the delivery process. Speaking of labor you’re likely having more frequent Braxton Hicks without any expansion of your cervix. Dilation is nowhere in sight, nor is your hope of meeting your scheduled due date.

After giving birth to four, healthy and larger than average sized babies, I never expected to be trapped with an oversized fetus that refused to make its entrance into the world. I was quickly growing more frustrated with each day that my stretch marks weren’t evidence of an impending manifestation. My mind was overwhelmed with how I could possible manage such an extraordinary event as giving birth ten years after inception.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how this could be remotely possible. Well allow me to explain, you’ll be shocked when you hear the entire story.

Ten years ago I was impregnated with an idea that would impact the way children think, grow and develop.  It was insightful, imaginative, creative and clearly underserved.  The catch was it was so large of an assignment that it scared the life out of me.  I knew it was from God because only his visions are so expansive and limitless.  What he sees as something that only needs to be spoken into existence, we see as the greatest obstacle in the world.  Initially I attempted to put a plan on paper and begin processing through the next steps.  At the time I was teaching high school and shared the concepts with my mentor who was amazed at the idea but she quickly reminded me of the things that I “HAD” to do in order to remain in compliance with the current standards of the world. Although I respected and understood where she was coming from,  this vision didn’t have hindrances or regulations that I had to follow, this baby was different!

Obviously I went from excitement and the thrill of the hunt to feeling defeated and right back to my original position, “This is way too big for me”. When God inspires us with a concept, idea or plan, it typically will be something that will NOT fall in line with the current standards.  He doesn’t operate in the normal he operates in the supernatural.  And his desire is that we trust and believe that he is able to walk us through to achieve the thing that he has assigned to us.

So here I am ten years later.  The baby has grown as my belief system as grown.  The heartbeat is apparent now more than it has ever been no statoscope is needed to capture its rhythms because it beats right through me.  There is movement and every time I put my hand to a new task in completing the assignment I get a little kick of reassurance that it wants out.  The only way for this baby to enter the world, healthy and whole is for me to put in the work.  I must keep my mind and body exercised and knowledgeable.  I have to eat right and make sure I’m taking all the next steps to prepare for the arrival of my overdue gift.  I have to ensure that it doesn’t hear negative talk or excuses for why it can’t be born.  I have to shift from just being a person who is pregnant to one who is willing to give life!

Are you pregnant with a gift, talent, idea, or assignment and your baby is getting restless? Prepare yourself to give birth to it. There are people awaiting your delivery so that their lives may be better as a result! Everything you need to accomplish releasing your baby into the world is already in you.  Trust him and the process!

Ephesians 3:20 NIV

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us.”


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