My Intro to the Keto Zone!

On June 18, 2018 I made a conscious decision to change my eating habits as a lifestyle.  For the past 20 years or so, I’ve struggled to maintain a weight loss in excess of 15 lbs.  After giving natural birth to four beautiful children the baby weight never seemed to detach itself from my waistline.

A dear friend of mine recommended a diet that she and her husband started six months earlier called the Keto Zone.  Let me back up by clarifying that I’ve always attempted weight loss as naturally as possible being very careful to avoid substances and supplements that were beyond the normal vitamins.  I hate the word “diet” but I can adapt to lifestyle eating habits.

I heard her speak of drinking coffee with butter, eating high content of good fats and loosing weight easily.  The butter and fat in the same sentence with loosing weight simply didn’t make any sense. After reading Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet book I had a better understanding of how the high fat, low carb no sugar concept could impact my body’s response to burning the fat rather than storing the sugar.

It has been a week into my journey with my Keto Zone Lifestyle and I’m proud to say that I have entered Ketosis, the process in which the body begins burning fat, within a matter of days from beginning

.  I’ve managed to smell the aroma and watch my son divulge a freshly popped bag of popcorn without pulling it away from him and eating it for myself.  I’ve walked past the vending machines and candy sections of the grocery checkout without hearing a voice urging me to buy milk chocolate, almond M&M’s or anything caramel.  I can actually pull up to Quick Trip and gas up my car, fill up my water cup with my favorite crushed ice and not proceed to purchasing a 49 cent ice cream cone.

It’s a rewarding process to feel like I have control over the substances that I consume.  I don’t feel like I’m being forced to not have those carbs, sugars and additive foods that I have allowed to overtake my principles of eating healthier.  There is no focus on what I can’t eat but rather what new food can I create that aligns with my MUST eats. Although my palate is still adjusting to drinking fat in my coffee and green tea, I now understand how important it is to keep those good fats consumed so that I might burn more of it. On another note, I’m not as crazy about stevia in my beverages and I’m almost ready to eliminate it completely.

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy eating fresh berries with my vanilla cheesecake fat bombs.  I only wish they would hold up for a snack during the workday. There’s nothing quite like an eating plan that includes nice juicy fatty bacon strips, instead of being chastised for having it.  This weekend I attempted crispy kale chips which were pretty tasty but I’ve learned that spraying my avocado oil makes for a much better crispy product.

That’s it for my first week on the Keto Zone diet.  I’m open to any great recipes or food suggestions if you have discovered this to be a viable lifestyle eating plan.






















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