Live Ur Journey was created as a platform to encourage women in life, health, relationships and business. Each blog topic is generated from my own experience or those with whom I have interactions in my business or social circles.  Some are lengthy and create a great opportunity for dialogue and some are simple quotes as a call to action.  No topic is off limits.  I offer a biblical passage of encouragement for those who seek additional support on the topic discussed. Feel free to reply, ask questions, comment, share and like any blog that you believe would be beneficial to yourself or others.  Although my focus is primarily towards women, I welcome the male perspective and input.  My hope is that you are able to come here and leave feeling better, inspired and ready to take positive action in your life.  If you live in the Charlotte NC area I welcome your attendance to any of the events listed on the bottom of the home page.   I would love to be actively engaged with you on any of the social media links listed throughout the site. I provide training, workshops and motivational speaking for all arenas that offer female inspiration.

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