Introducing STYLE INC.

STYLE INC.  is the parent company from which Live Ur Journey extends.  The goal is to build and expand the thinking and actions of women to becoming abundant in every aspect of their lives.  Strategic Techniques Yield Lifestyle Enhancement is the philosophy of our business and the process we utilize to share with women across the globe.  The focus of STYLE INC is to edify the Mind, Body, Spirit, Health, Wealth and Relationships of females by giving them access to the tools necessary to grow and develop all 6 layers.  Our desire is to see women use these skills and build the type of lifestyle that brings them abundance in all arenas.  We offer monthly workshops and webinars with experts in Life Coaching, Health & Fitness, Spiritual Growth, Personal Development, Business Development, Leisure Fulfillment, Wealth Development and Healthy Relationships.

The Co-Owners of STYLE INC. De’Andrea Jackson and Elizabeth Aaron Nucci have well over 50 years experience between them in various aspects of the skill sets mentioned.  Currently De’Andrea is a Women’s Success Strategist, Coach/Business Trainer, Author, Blogger and CEO of Liveurjourney. Elizabeth is an Actress/Spiritual Coach/Business Trainer, Author and CEO of LifestyleMaven.

We hope that you will partner with us to Learn Grow and Live More Abundantly!


Elizabeth Aaron Nucci -LifestyleMaven


De’Andrea Gause Jackson- Live Ur Journey