Cherish Testimonials

The Cherish product line from Nspire Network is one that I use and has changed my life and the life of my 18 year old daughter.  The testimonials on this page are from real women who have used the products for a period of greater than 30 days.   Try it out and let me know what you think!

You can see all the products at the company website


Only a few women in the US have had the privilege of testing out the Cherish Day Pads- here are a few testimonies of their experiences:

“I tired the Cherish pad the first day it was released to distributors and wore it all day plus a ride from Atlanta to Charlotte without needing to change it. I didn’t notice that I was even wearing it you can’t even feel it which is better than when I wear tampons. My cycle was shorter with less cramps and headaches– Jordan age 17

“My cycle is normally long like 4-5 days and I always worry about having a cycle while at school.  When my parents gave me the pad I didn’t know what to expect but it was easy to put in my book bag and to slip in my hand to go to the bathroom.  In school you don’t get a lot of opportunities to use the bathroom- but when I used the Cherish pad I could wear it longer and that gave me a confidence booster.  I didn’t have to worry about it leaking onto my clothes or smelling bad.  My cramps were gone and I could get my chores done.  Everyone one needs a Cherish Pad“- Maura age 12

“My doctor put me on birth control at the age of 12 to decrease the level of cramping and migraine headaches associated with my monthly cycle.  I spent the first day curled in a ball drinking hot liquids and popping Advil or Tylenol. Fast forward 15 years later I’ve had my first child and now the migraines are like clock work one week before my cycle and one week after.  I didn’t need a calendar because the headaches told me when to expect my cycle.  After one 3 day use of the Cherish Pad I haven’t had the migraine style headaches at all.  The pads are thin and you can’t even notice you’re wearing them.  My cycle length was reduced, order was minimal and I only had to use 2 per day in comparison to 4-5 tampons.“- Dee age 46

“I’m a college student and my favorite part of the pad was that I didn’t smell the flow and it remained dry nothing was sitting on top.” Joiya- age 20


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