Revolutions of Modern Technology

Several months ago I purchased a Rubik Cube for my twelve-year-old. I could recall how time-consuming it was for me as a child to figure out how to solve one side than months later two sides before ultimately only getting as high as three sides without a solution. We would practice on the bus, at the playground, duringĀ  lunch, and any classroom breaks. I don’t remember if anyone ever solved the puzzle but we had a great time with the challenge and the competitiveness.

You can imagine then as a parent I want my son to gain the same level of joy and excitement from this new classic game as I had. First of all he contended within several minutes that it was impossible. It was only after I demonstrated my ability to swiftly solve a side while sitting at a stop light that he became intrigued.

“How did you do that!”, he asked with eyes gleaming. “After months of practice once you figure it out you can still do it, just like riding a bike”, I responded, feeling like the coolest mom on the planet in my ability to impress a sixth grader. Sad of course, but funny and true at the same time.

Fast forward to only a few days later when he’s taking his cube to school and informs me, “mom I’m going to have this done by Friday”, I’m thinking okay let’s sees that happen since you’ve only learned how to do one side. Imagine my shock when on Friday he presents the picture attached. Yes a completed Rubix Cube! “This is amazing how did you do it so fast,” I asked. “Oh it was easy, YouTube,”…..blank stare.

Why did I share this story? Because in 2018 if a twelve-year-old can solve a Rubik Cube within a matter of days on YouTube, what can you accomplish as an adult over the next week, month or year. Let’s face it, there are no excuses. I haven’t found any “how to” question that hasn’t been addressed in the world-wide web! It’s tragically insane while equally intriguing.

The time and energy that once would have exhausted us can ultimately be reduced to a mere 2 minute video, complete with audio, video and often a link for additional information. Whatever it is that you are needing to learn stop wasting time and go get it. Enroll in school, take a class or checkout a YouTube video. Regardless of the choices available the biggest will be your decision to do something!


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