10 Steps to your “What If You Can?”

Ten years ago I had a fresh idea that I knew was downloaded directly from God.  I began executing on what I believed were the next vital steps into creating my “dream” into the ultimate opportunity.  I had just relocated back to my home town with four kids, no job and literally no money.  Although I was able to live in one of my parent’s rental properties, there was still no income coming in to cover the electricity, food, furniture and daily living expenses of having 4 mouths under the age of 12.  It was a dark and scary season in my life but I was determined that the pre-separation, which ultimately ended in divorce, was not going to be the end of my life.

So back to the vision at hand. I went online and registered my company name, created a layout of the plan, documented the resources needed to fulfill it. Reviewed the potential options for my area and sought after my prize.  You see as much as I wanted to develop this awesome idea in a community that could really benefit from it, my thought was on how this one concept could eliminate my need to find employment outside of the home.  I wouldn’t have to worry about paying additional monies for child care and after school.  This IDEA would solve all of my issues and create a benefit for others like myself.

Several months into my attempts to unveil my idea to people I was certain would grasp hold of the vision with me and be excited to assist by any means necessary.  The one place that I already had approval to use would never meet the state codes and ordnances to open the doors.  Remember, I didn’t have any personal funds nor resources.  The better option would have easily meet the requirements until the leadership team of one, blatantly said “NO, absolutely not!” Crushed , discouraged and defeated I walked away, tossed my files and research in a file folder, folded my arms and went back to applying for the traditional J.O.B online.  After a year of being told I was “over qualified” for anything I submitted my resume too, I returned to my previous home of twenty years.

Fast forward 10 years after my vision- I’m sitting listening to an audio file by motivational speaker Les Brown and it was as if he were sitting on my couch speaking directly to me when that same still voice that gave me the “idea” 10 years previously spoke to me again.

Something different came alive and I knew that although it was the same idea, same voice and same concept what was different was me! I plunged full force into my planner documented everything I already knew about the options for this idea, making a list of the things that would need to be accomplished.  The original name that I registered in 2008 was still as vivid and brilliant today as it was when I first created it. How amazing is that! I asked God to bring back to my remembrance any relationships that I developed over the past decade that would be a valuable resource for today.  He immediately dropped names into my mind and when I made the phone calls it was as if they were awaiting the opportunity to help me. And get these, I still didn’t have any money or resources, but they were my resources.

Here is the lesson I learned:  Whatever it is in this life that you are focused and driven to pursue make sure that it aligns with your purpose rather than just the prize that you can gain as a result.  Once you tap into your divinely ordered assignment and put your thoughts, belief and actions to work. It will come together more smoothly, like a puzzle that has no missing pieces.  The idea 10 years ago was just as applicable then as it is today if not more so, but the timing was about ME.  If you aren’t in a position to run the race all the way to the finish line both your purpose and the prize are left unattained.

10 Basic Steps to Get Started: 

1-Belive that you can walk in and fulfill your purpose.

2- Write the vision by creating a plan of action.

3- Put a picture of what it would look like completed to that you can see it every day.

4- Capture the emotional feeling of success in that particular area.

5- Execute on the plan that’s on paper with diligence and discipline.

6-Be Gratiful for everything that you learn, gain, experience along the way.

7- Verbally reAFFIRM what you want three times a day, Morning Mid day and Night.

8- Increase your capacity to learn by learning everyday. Become the master of your puprose.

9-Ignore the nay sayers! If they aren’t helping you build then keep them at bay!

10-Command your mornings with a morning routine of spiritual, physical, and emotional development.  Only read and listen to those things that keep you motivated in the right direction.


Mark 9:23 NIV

“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes”. 


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