The Exceptional Weight Loss Plan

In just under 6 months I will be celebrating my 48th birthday.  Birthday celebrations are the ultimate for me and I typically use the entire MONTH to celebrate the fact that God thought enough of me to design only one version.  I used to be on the mailing list of every restaurant in my city that offered freebies on your birthday, but once the majority of them switched to BOGOS as your “gift” I bailed out of using those options.  I love a great meal but I don’t always want to “HAVE” to have a companion in order to enjoy one.

So this year I’ve decided to do something a little different.  I’m changing my eating and exercise habits for 6 months.  I began this journey on April 17 and culminating on the BIG day, October 18, 2018. I’ve never been a person who runs to the next “diet” or fade to lose weight but I know my weaknesses and simply want to create a better way of eating and exercise.  Sugar really is the devil and he knows exactly how and when I will want some.  With that in mind I have to make conscious decisions of how often and to what extent I will partake in America’s favorite delicacy.

One of the fastest ways to give up, cheat or simply forego a goal is to do so without some level of accountability.  In an effort to remain transparent and accountable I’ve decided to share my story daily on my Instagram page.  You can follow me at @liveurjourney.  I use my community gym in my neighborhood, my Detroit Ballroom dance classes and the occasional hike or roller skating as my designated forms of exercise.  I’m also using the app on my phone “ABS WORKOUT” which has a really cool three-day on one day off rotation.  This workout is only 7-9 minutes depending on if you take the rest breaks and I add the additional 35-40 minutes of cardio.  On Thursdays I have dance class from 7:15 pm to 10 pm (we have class for 1.5 hours and free dance the rest of the time).  The class includes Detroit Ballroom, Chicago Step and Line Dancing.  This alone is an awesome workout. To be consistent I work my “off” days on the app in collaboration with my gym time.  So basically I will either take a full day off , 6 days of cardio, and use rest days from my ABS WORKOUT to incorporate the upper and lower body machines, my off day of gym cardio is replaced with a practice day of dance. The variations between exercises prevents boredom.

Now back to the food issue.  Sugar and Bread are huge opportunities.  I’ve gone without both for 30 days and felt fabulous but I also felt deprived and annoyed at how difficult it was to create 3 meals a day that didn’t warrant these major food ingredients.  So this time I’m not eliminating them, but becoming more conscious of how and when I incorporate them in my diet.  More green vegetables, fresh fruits (sweet), less carbs (one meal per day if any preferably lunch), lots of water (this is easy) and more lean meats and protein. Nothing magical, I can eat what I want just taking better strides to choose the best options rather than grab and run. Preparation is the key to this part.

I’m sure you’re wondering what my weight loss or inches goals are for the big date.  NONE! That’s right absolutely none.  My goal is to commit to developing a better lifestyle and my reward of consistency, commitment and creative thinking will be best demonstrated on October 18, 2018 in how I feel and FIT in my clothes.  Hopefully this regiment will warrant a new wardrobe because my clothes will be too large. I’ve removed all the pressure of potential “failure” by making the goal learning and developing a new “process” for my life.  I already know that the end result will be I will feel, look and BE better than I was 6 months previously.

Figure out what it is YOU need to develop as a better PROCESS in your life.  Set a date, create a plan, find a way of accountability and have FUN! Don’t think about the end result beyond concentrating on how you want to FEEL. Your feelings will trigger your brain to accomplish whatever is necessary to keep that “FEELING” in the atmosphere for you. Focus on how you want to FEEL and adjust to get that feeling on a daily basis.  This is what I call the “Exceptional” Weight Loss Plan!


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