Become a Gold Kinabalu Orchid!

Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid is the most expensive orchid in the world.  Nicknamed “Gold of Kinabalu Orchid“, it grows on the slope of Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia and is an endangered species.  It is illegal to pick the Orchid even though there may be a few still accessible at the Kinabalu National Park so if you find one for sale it’s likely at least $5000 and off the black market. Why is “she” so expensive?

1-Rare and Unique

2-Endangered and it takes 15 years to bloom

3-Absolutely Gorgeous

Consider that it took 15 years for this beautiful species to mature into what reverts people to stealing because of its value.  Now imagine if you intentionally took 15 years to grow, perfect and protect your gifts and talents.  Most of us don’t want to begin thinking of the next 15 years due to our current state of mind, age or health, so consider just the next 5 years (we can add-on your previous 10 years of experience).  Would you become the likeness of a Gold of Kinabalu Orchid?

Let me first assure you that you already posses the first characteristic, you are RARE AND UNIQUE!  God only created ONE of you.  There is no person on this earth that duplicates the DNA, fingerprint, attributes and character makeup in which he created you.  Secondly your potential to blossom into a creature of value should only be measured by your desired success.  If you are putting those purposeful gifts to use, the value in your skills will be easily recognizable.  Finally aren’t you already beautiful? Who told you that you weren’t? Beauty begins with what YOU believe about yourself, rather than what others perceive of you.  Luckily I can see my own beauty even if others only see a brown paper bag.

Why not pursue a life of uniqueness, value and beauty by being true to what you were created to become.  Launch out into the deep and LIVE UR JOURNEY! I believe you’re so valuable that even the black market could never put a price tag on you.

Proverbs 3:15 NIV

“{Wisdom} She is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire can compare to her.”


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