Her Radiance Shifts The Room!

Earlier this year I began a weekly interactive activity with my Facebook Group, Woman Live Ur Journey, called “Word Wednesday”.  Word Wednesday is a short Live video giving my female tribe a word of empowerment for the week and an accompanying quote.  These words are designed for her to use in her thoughts, speech and actions over the remaining seven days in an effort to empower her focus and shift her confidence.

This week we presented the word “Radiance”-  definition ‘the quality or state of being radiant’.  The root word “radiant”- is defined as ‘1-vividly bright and shining and 2-marked by or expressive of love, confidence or happiness’. When I think of how “radiant” or “radiance” can be a word that enhances my own feminine empowerment there is one arena that stands out.  One of the most recognizable features of a woman is her presence.  How she walks, speaks, moves, interacts and expresses herself. When she is confident of who she is and the value she brings to a space, she will present herself with an air that creates RADIANCE.  As she enters a room her greeting, smile, fragrance or outfit will easily gain the attention of onlookers.  Not only from a male perspective but even in an environment of her peers.  Radiance is noticeable.  It establishes a tone when carried in a way of sweet confidence.  Brilliance will easily exude from a woman when she feels beautiful, confident and attractive.

I wish more women would understand the power they possess in the simple ability to SHINE in the presence of dark, cynical, mundane or unpleasant places. She can literally shift the attitudes of a stadium of hundreds of thousands or the three family members awaiting in her own living room.  Her intentional expression of love and happiness can and should be contagious to all who encounter her.  Those that are jealous, envious or confused by her ability to bring light to every situation will be baffled but their intrigue will create a sense of curiosity to become like her rather than hating what she represents. Imagine what the world would be like if even a small percentage of women would embrace their ability to change environments by demonstrating radiance everywhere she goes. Imagine if radiance was an attitude and mindset easily retrieved and exemplified regardless of the circumstances.


To participate in the Word Wednesday’s join our Facebook Group Woman Live Ur Journey or our website www.liveurjourney.com

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