Wisdom or Worthless Energy?

In the world of social media, I’m learning that its more difficult to find and secure REAL people who want to be connected with REAL experiences.  Although I’m fully aware that many use these platforms more as a means of escaping the real world rather than participating in it, I’m still absolutely floored by the lack of engagement from people who profess to be looking for “something more”. As you may or may not already know, Women are my target audience. My purpose is to enhance, enrich and empower 100 women in 2018 to seek, find and pursue her BEST life! I use my company name, Live Ur Journey, through all avenues of social media including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. I have both a Facebook page, Live Ur Journey, and a group, Woman Live Ur Journey, as a means to actively engage with the tribe on a daily or weekly basis.

Even though I am both diligent and intentional in reaching women from around the globe and provide a glimmer of hope, support and encouragement in which they can not only expect, but look forward too, I’ve discovered that a very small percentage of those who have direct access to these resources take the time to use them. Of course like any good teacher, I want my audience to learn, grow and develop from even the simplest quote, meme or expression.  She doesn’t have to spend every day reading the feeds nor have I requested that she share them.  I simply want to make the information available, accessible and valuable to her overall development.

I enjoy the positive reflections, inspiring videos, gestures of love and oneness that are often created in these environments.  And I’m all too familiar with how quickly hours can pass simply by reading, clicking, liking, commenting and sharing on a post that makes you laugh, angry or concerned. Balance is definitely the key, unless of course you get paid to scroll through these pages and provide your opinion.

What I find most disturbing is that so many women aren’t where they deserve or desire to be in their professional, personal, spiritual, educational, financial, family or leisurely lives, yet entertainment supersedes the desire for growth in the fore mentioned areas. Why would watching a 5-7 minute video of pure shenanigans or worthless jabber that creates no insight, direction or support for her well-being yet ignoring a 2 minute video or reading a post that extends beyond the size of a meme that informs her mind, encourages her heart or inspires her soul become a standard? Because social media allows her to escape the realities of whatever isn’t functioning well in her life!

I wonder how many of my female sisters are losing opportunities to enhance their lives because they are so distracted by the fantasies portrayed on Facebook & Instagram pages and therefore not focused on her own. Imagine the countless hours of wasted time spent scrolling through frivolous feeds about meals, selfies, drinks and conjecture about everything that’s wrong with spouses, weather, jobs and Amazon prime shipments.

What could be accomplished if we simply limited our time with things that have to value and replace them with things that create more? I hope that there are more of us who are absorbing the positive information that is generated through these mediums than the nonsense. Time is not recyclable we can’t make up for what we loose and life doesn’t stop so that we can disappear into a world of fantasy.


Proverbs 4:7 KJV

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” 


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