Scared to Life!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  In the words of  Julia Roberts, from one of my favorite movies Pretty Woman, “I could almost pee in my pants”! For now I’ll just cross my legs instead but you get the general idea.  There’s no new man, great job opportunity, fancy foreign car in my drive way or lottery ticket for me to cash in, but what I have found at the core of my very being is more precious than any of those things.  I discovered my greatest secret, my most treasured promise and the ultimate outline for my being on this earth.  I found, accepted and affirmed to walk into my DESTINY!

Too many people live, breathe, eat, sleep, play and die without leaving a single person behind to enjoy the beauty of having known, meet or spent time with them.  It’s almost as if the priority for most is to work a mundane job, cash a paycheck every two weeks, take one yearly vacation and a few weekend excursions, buy a house, attend weddings, funerals, concerts and parties and eat or drink themselves into the grave.  I see such a sad display of “living” as a clear indication of the lack of appreciation for the gifts and talents that our creator carved into our being with the expectation that we would impact the lives of others.  Don’t get me wrong, if one is happy with all of those things than kudos for them, but in my own view of life we were all created to create! That creation can come in various shapes, forms and fashions but the process of developing, growing or enhancing something or someone is ultimately a reflection of God and all of him that dwells in us.

So why am I excited you ask? My destiny was written before the hairs on my head had follicles and the muscles and bones were layered with skin.  It just took me almost 30 years to develop and understand what it was and how I was supposed to use it.  I’ve never felt more invigorated or certain of my calling to serve the hearts, health, minds, body and souls of women around the globe as I am in this moment.  It’s just one of those things you are either scared to death to admit, scared to death to pursue or just scared to death! But for once in my life the only thing I FEAR at this moment is not making every attempt to breathe in the oxygen of this dispensation in time and allow my lungs, heart and soul to expand with the knowledge that if I help ONE woman to become better than she ever thought she could, then I have served my purpose. STYLE INC, my parent company of which I am the Co-Founder, will feature its first event for 2018 hosted by Live Ur Journey.  This is just the beginning of what I know will be a phenomenal platform for women from all corners of the world.  Join us on Instagram, Facebook , Pinterest and Twitter to stay abreast of live events, workshops, webinars and podcast.

Do you know your purpose? If so, FEAR NOT- let it scare you into LIFE!


Isaiah 41:10 New King James Version (NKJV)

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand


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