How to get it all done during the Holidays

If you’ve ever had to host overnight guest during a Holiday season like Thanksgiving or Christmas then you know the level of planning, cleaning, scheduling and preparation necessary to ensure a successful visit for your family and guests.  When you have a family of your own your normal routine doesn’t allow for much room to deviate so that you may do the additional tasks like shopping, cleaning, decorating, menu and food preparation. It’s common to get “all hands on deck” during this important times and even children understand the expectations.  Ironically we somehow find a way to do it all; the massive cleaning, grocery shopping, weekly laundry, kid pick ups and drop offs, work, handle our own mid-week obligations and still manage to present a wonderful experience for those we are working so diligently to please.

Fast forward to the last time you needed to accomplish something in a small window of time with variables that required your attention not only to your everyday tasks but the specific project at hand.  Did you find it as easy to prepare and adjust for a great outcome as you did when you knew those family and friends were coming for the Holidays? Were your “to do” lists created and followed similarly to when created and shopped for a menu to serve 30 instead of the usual 6?  Did you record the times and days for task completions in your phone or computer like those notifications that ensured no-one was stranded at the airport or bus station? Were you able to collect yourself in the final hours and inadvertently forget about any problems or hindrances as you admired your accomplishment, much like the beautiful table spread of Turkey, dressing, sides, sweets and beverages?

Focus is a disciplined CHOICE! We are wired to make the impossible possible when we know it will benefit or serve the people we care about. Sometimes in our effort to make life better for others we’ll even finish ahead of schedule.  The same discipline can be incorporated with ANY assignment, project, task or opportunity that requires our attention. Use the techno savvy gadgets that remind us of when and where to be on time with quirky reminders that can be scheduled days or minutes in advance of the deadline. Be willing to delegate to others chores or responsibilities that enable you to FOCUS on the IT and finish on time. Eliminate the distractions that hinder you from staying in your ZONE. Emails, voice messages, social media contacts and text can all be dealt with at a specific time with limited attention given so that you can be informed yet productive.  Be ready to celebrate your accomplishment so that the excitement to complete your cross the finish line isn’t diminished by the process.

FOCUS– Every thing in your day, week, month, year CAN be accomplished with the appropriate planning, drive, execution, support and celebration of a Holiday Weekend with family and friends. Zone in on what you need to accomplish and FINISH!

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