Identity Theft

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As a young girl I struggled during my developmental stage with the “Who am I?” inquiry that most teenagers experience.  The difference in my case was that I didn’t suffer from being an introvert, shy, lonely type of person.  I was exactly the opposite; confident, extrovert, funny and friendly.  Popularity was never a real issue I got along great with everyone and could move in any circle.  I grew up on the beaches of NC but we had very rural communities and your neighbors could be several ACRES away.  Play dates would normally require that you were driven over to your friend’s home and they didn’t necessarily live in your “neighborhood” (living on your own 1-10 acre property made neighborhood concepts very difficult but you get the idea).  We all attended the same elementary, middle and high school but the relationships grew based on who you had access to the most.

What does my childhood have to do with identity theft? I’m glad you asked.  It was during those moments of questionable friendships that became the root cause of an issue which most recently materialized.  “Who Am I?” expanded to “Who Am I Here For?” If you think the two are not equivalent in a determination of ones’ identity, I would have to disagree with you. It took me a while to decipher through the types of relationships I had growing up to better understand how they influence me today.  Although there were plenty of associates (kids referred to you as either friend or foe) but I only had a handful of friends (fingers left over to spare).  While many of my classmates had a group of girls that they spent most of their time, I only had one or two  and even they had a separate group of girlfriends which didn’t include me. Boys? Oh they were easy breezy and confidently by best buds.  I was the only girl my age in my neighborhood therefore the boys were my friends and foes (depending on how much they got on my nerves).

The sentiments of relational dynamics between my male and female friendships carried over into college with almost a mirror image of grade school. The major difference I noticed of girlfriend “clicks” in college was the level of drama and hell that was often raised among them. I steered clear of the crossfire and enjoyed my male counterparts and the ease of hanging out without concerns of back stabbing, gossip or misplaced motives. Several years after I graduated college I partnered with a company geared specifically to the needs and desires of women, Mary Kay Cosmetics.  At the time I didn’t wear makeup at all but had experience with the skin care in college so it was a good fit.  It became a great fit when I realized the valuable gift I had to influence, empower and encourage women.  Conducting classes for 5-10 women on a Friday night while simultaneously sharing the laughter, heartache and experience of my fellow sisters of all races and nationalities became not only fulfilling but passionate for me. It was in those 8 years of teaching skin care, makeup application, dating 101, marriage 501 professional and spiritual development that I embraced my call to serve women through edification, education and enlightenment.  As a result I write this blog under my Liveurjourney brand which includes STYLE Inc, a platform for women which stands for Strategic Techniques Yield Lifestyle Enhancement. We empower women to live more abundantly.

Once I understood “Who” God created me to serve I could better respond based on the gifts and talents in which HE entrusted me.   It is my belief that God created each of us with our life purpose in mind before our conception. He has equipped us with the personality, character, talents, gifts and mindset to fulfill the identity that we can choose to love and cultivate. Sometimes we steal our own identity by not being true to our purpose and divine assignment in the earth. We all have a position, role and/or responsibility to the improvement of mankind in the space and dispensation of time in which we are given.  We were created to be relational.  To cry, laugh, share and support one another, whether we are the best of friends or perfect strangers.  The opportunity to BECOME WHO WE ARE is available to anyone who seeks to search their heart, passions, gifts and talents.  If we pay attention to the simple clues; what makes us happy without thinking about it, what we can do naturally without extensive training or instruction,  what comes to us easily with little effort, what would we be willing to do everyday without pay, what we are passionate to change, improve, create or develop? Figure those out and you’ll tap into your purpose.  Follow your  purpose and you’ll know who your are.  Know who you are and others can’t steal your identity! Maintain your identity and impact the world!


Spiritual connection for those who desire a reference:

Psalm 139:13-14 (New Living Translation) You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.

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