Whose Winning at Weight Loss?

At 46 years of age I’ve been told by doctors that I’m “obese” and need to loose 40 pounds.  My 5’4 stature doesn’t appear to be at a whopping 225 but they tell me the scales don’t lie.  Quite frankly I know for a fact that my shoes alone weigh 7 pounds and God forbid if I have on more than one layer or denim that’s got to be another 3-4 wouldn’t you agree? So imagine my look when Dr. Kunesh shares with me what all the other doctors have for the past 20 years, “Your at risk for diabetes”.  Now I’m certain that this is a strong possibility in light of the fact that my grandmother was a diabetic at age 12 and took insulin daily.  She had five children and 4 of the 5 developed diabetes as adults.  So has my brother and my sister is borderline, oh and did I mention my father has also developed it as an adult?  So I get it, I see the severity if I don’t make some adjustments.  But WHAT CAN I DO THAT WILL LAST?

So I started taking a prescribed medication called Phentermine- I use the generic version but anyway, its 3 months on and one month off then you repeat.  I actually really liked the way it curved my appetite for sweets and carbs and I had to force myself to eat because I could go hours before feeling hunger.  I went from 225 to 209 in two months.  Then I began the one month “off” meaning I’m no longer taking anything and I have to be self disciplined.  I started out really good, not really having the cravings, not over indulging in sweets and carbs but today I noticed I “desire” to eat.  My seventeen year old started a “military diet” on yesterday and after looking it over I thought- Hell I didn’t sign up for the arm forces either this won’t work.  I’ve slacked off quite a bit from my exercise regime as its gotten much hotter and going outside even to get in the car and ride to a gym is like sitting in a sauna fully clothed. Water is my best friend I still drink several times a day and with every meal but I’m feeling a little flustered.

So what do you do? I’ve been able to fast for 30 days no sugar, no carbs, no fried foods.  It works for shedding pounds but man will it do something to your mental state.  Everything begins to look like a doughnut, biscuit or sugar cube.  I’ve done the Bragg’s Vinegar/honey/lemon juice combo and drank it daily for a couple days.  Its okay once you get used to the taste and it does curb but I don’t necessarily see the inches peeling away.  Counting carbs having number systems and purchasing packaged meals isn’t my thing either.  How do I find my “IT” and stick to it?

How have you developed a system that works- that you can stick too long term and still get the results you want?  If so what is it and what have been your results?

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