What Kind of Man are Women 30 and Over Looking for in 2017?

I can only associate my perspective of what women are looking for in a great man from my own experiences and discussion with other single women.  Most of us have some of the same concerns and parallels regardless of whether we have been married or desire too.   It’s always interesting for me to hear a man’s view on what “turns them off” but rarely does anyone really listen to what the women are saying.  Maybe it’s because we are out numbered.

According to the US Census of Commerce based on data from 2015 (Unmarried and Single Americans Week, Sept. 18-24 2016) 53% of Women age 18 and older were unmarried compared to 47% of Men 18 and over. There were 88 single men (age 18-up) in 2015 to every 100 single women.  This was the real whopper, 19 million US residents over the age of 65 were single in 2015!!

Now granted, from age 18 to about 25 one would expect these young adults to be in college, or beginning their first professional jobs/careers and marriage probably is not a goal.  The group that I am most interested are those that are age 30 and beyond, as by then the majority of us have at least determined what we DON’T  want out of life even if we are unsure of what we DO want! But by 65, are they just done with marriage all together?  Have they lost the love of their lives and just refuse to start over?  So where does that leave those of us in the middle, 31 to about 64?

I really wanted to know what is happening with Women over the age of 30, who are dating men in 2017.  The survey link below will allow you to share your views.  I will share the outcome after the closing of the survey, Friday, April 21, 2017.

Chime in and share with your single female friends 30 and up!


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