What Would Happen If Every WOMAN KNEW????

This topic is very dear to females across the globe.  It isn’t something we like to talk about but God created us to reproduce and expand the Earth and this very tiny aspect of the process became our fate.  Until I was introduced to this video, like so many other women I made decisions based on what the MARKET PLACE deemed as my options.  I walked into a Wal-Mart or discount store picked up my brand of choice and headed to the checkout.  I never read the labels for “ingredients”.  I never looked for a FDA seal of approval.  I simply purchased based on the price, whether I had a coupon or not and my personal experience (I tried almost every brand before deciding on ONE).

THEN I saw this amazing video and it blew my mind! First of all I never even considered that this could be an issue.  I remember being 12 years old and experiencing this life changing moment at school.  It was horrific to say the least.  I suffered from extreme cramps that caused me to lie in bed on the first day in a fetal position, taking Tylenol (Aspirin was the only other option back then without a RX) and drinking hot tea (it didn’t work but it tasted good).  As I grew older I developed migraine headaches leading into the week of my menstrual cycle and afterwards.

Watch this video and consider the following questions: Do I have medical concerns that could have generated from the use of these products?  How long have I been exposed?  Who else needs to know this information?

I will come back and share my personal testimony in a few days! Videos are in English and Spanish! Visit https://liveurjourney.com/become-a-business-owner  for a contact form if you have interest in this product.

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