Chasing the Ice Cream Truck is Better than Watching it Go By

I was on my way to my car as my daughter was closing the door to the house and I noticed that she suddenly stood still, a smirk grew slowly on her face and her lips moved but I was too far away to discern what she said.  Just as she formulated the last word she raised her head with an even bigger smile on her face.  My focus was on what she could have said rather than the fact that she actually wasn’t speaking to me at all.  She turned her head in the opposite direction and I followed her gaze.  Within seconds a little boy around 7 or 8 years old burst across our lawn between my car and the front porch.  My daughters eyes followed him as she began to laugh.  The little one was fleeing in a red t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes and he was on fire running across the neighbors yards just as he had done our own.  Perplexed that my daughter was still standing on the porch laughing as she watched him run, I figured I needed to watch as well.

Without taking my eyes off the red shirt I asked my daughter, “What did you say and what is he doing?” I asked.  “Mom, you didn’t hear the ice cream truck pass before we walked out? That little guy just walked out that house and by the time he came out the song from the truck started again and I heard him say “OOO!” and I knew he was about to take off.  That’s when I mumbled, “he’s ’bout to go get it” and he did just what I suspected. Look at him run!”

I don’t know who was more excited, the little boy or my daughter.  This kid was moving with the speed of an NFL quarterback with ball in hand and the end zone in view.  The ice cream truck was 5 houses ahead of his running start but he was diligent and determined in his pursuit.  He cut through 3 yards, before realizing that the street was a an easier platform because there were no cars or obstructions.  We watched as he stopped only twice, each time for less than 3 sec before piping back at lightening speeds towards the truck.

I told my daughter “He’s not gonna catch it because the truck isn’t stopping, lets go”, as we both jumped in the car and headed in the opposite direction of our own destination.  “What are you gonna do mom?” she asked in anticipation of a funny response. “I’m not going to pick him up because I don’t want him to think its okay to get in the car with strangers, but we can stop the truck,” I responded.

As I passed our little friend the driver slowed the ice cream truck to a halt.  I pulled up beside his window and said, “there’s a little guy back here trying to catch you,” “yes, I just noticed in my side mirror that’s why I stopped,” He replied with a huge grin on his face. As I drove away my daughter and I looked behind to see the little guy, getting his prize and calmly making his way back up the street home.

Why did I share this story with you? Our little friend inspired my daughter and I in several ways-

  • He heard a sound – There was no hesitation for him, when he heard the call for ice cream he immediately responded and it didn’t matter that the truck had already reached 5 houses beyond his starting point.
  • He Ran through the yards- It was of no concern to him, there were no boundaries to reaching his goal.
  • He readjusted to gain momentum-Obstacles were clearly in his way but he adjusted so he could keep running.
  • Stopped twice but only for seconds- I’m sure he was winded but the prize was bigger and he reset himself and kept going
  • Claimed his prize- the one thing I noticed was he didn’t seem to be out of breath as he took his time returning with his ice cream in hand.

I shared with my daughter this simple thought “If that kid keeps seeing his goals as he did with that ice cream truck, running to get what he wanted without fear of failure, boundaries, obstacles or loosing steam- he will accomplish anything he wants out of life!”

When was the last time you heard the sound of your dreams and you dropped everything you were doing, removed all boundaries, reset when you needed a breath and pursued until you got it?  Go find you an Ice Cream Truck and RUN!

Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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