Watch or Leap?

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life and you were forced to simply stop and look at all the directions before making a decision? Maybe you have a map handy or use an app like Waves or Map Quest and the female voice is giving you instructions to take a left, but your inner spirit wonders if that is really the right direction. You jumped in the car and buckled your seat belt with a destination in mind yet just as you approached the intersection you realized there is another road that could be traveled.

I have found myself at several crossroads over the years.  Some have been relational, others social and of course professional.  For example, when I lost my job and unemployment was ending there were a few directions that I considered.  1.) Take the first job offer and grudgingly do something I hated for the paycheck. 2.) Hold out for the “dream job” and in my dreams that includes the dream pay/hours/vacation and benefits. 3.) Build the businesses I already had (there were several, but none that sustained full-time income)  while I simultaneously built my DREAM LIFE!

Ladies we actually do have choices.  We can sit around and “watch” other people living the lives that we want, in my case that meant time freedom, money freedom and busting my butt for my brand rather than building someone else’s, or we can take a “leap” and dive into our purpose, passion and personal fulfillment.

Allow me to encourage you to really take a good look at your next crossroad.  What are you waiting for? Better opportunities are normally the ones that give us the ultimatum. It’s the one in which we are already in a “hard” place so the decision may seem the scariest but ultimately it is the window of opportunity.  Don’t be afraid to LEAP! If you knew that failure would not be your outcome- would you leap?

Hebrews 11:1  Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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