Hi and welcome to the first blog on my site Live Ur Journey!  This is a platform for you and I to share with one another the experiences we encounter as single moms, entrepreneurs and/or girlfriends in this sometimes hectic race called LIFE! I am open and try to be as transparent as possible with what I post and share.  My hope is that my experience will help, support or give strength and enlightenment to other women who may be going through some of the same or similar issues.  I will tell you right off that I am a woman of faith and try to live my life according to the word of God, but I’m far from perfect at it. So this is a safe place for us to discuss, share, cry, encourage and support one another regardless of where we find ourselves.

I welcome your input, feedback and ideas.  We don’t have to agree but we can all strive to be BETTER!


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